Sunday, August 12, 2012


Currently my husband, James, does not know about this blog. He is away with some of his friends. I have thought about starting this blog for quite some time but never shared that with him. Only time will tell if he will punish me when he finds out.  As of now this blog is a don't ask, don't tell project. 

As a submissive wife, hypothetically, I feel as though it is my duty to ask his permission to undertake a project such as this. Unfortunately my urge to be independent often overrides this filter. 

I know James will support me and, most likely, be proud of what I create. As long as he does not feel that I am endangering myself or being deceptive he will be understanding.

One of my worst punishments from him did come from keeping a secret. 

Early on in our engagement I went to the dentist for a routine exam. He found a cavity. I had to wait a couple of days to have it filled so in the meantime he gave me a prescription for painkillers. 

I went to the pharmacy, had the prescription filled and came home. Although I wasn't in very much pain I decided to take a couple. When James came home from work, he found me laying on the couch watching TV. He immediately knew something was up and kept asking me "what's wrong?" "You're acting kinda funny. "Are you sick?" I am not sure why, but I kept telling him nothing was wrong, I was just tired. 

The next day I couldn't help but notice that spot in my tooth where the doctor found the cavity. I kept thinking about it all day at work and decided I would take a couple more painkillers when I got home. So I did and just like the night before James came home to a lazy, lethargic finance. Once again, he asked me what was wrong and once again, I acted dumb. 

Well, I was dumb! I had left the bottle of painkillers out on the bathroom counter. All of the sudden I heard James yell "Katherine, you are in so much trouble!" My hear sank and I knew immediately what I had done. Groggily I ran up the stairs and tried to come up with an explanation. For some reason I thought he would feel sorry for me that I had a cavity and my punishment wouldn't be so harsh. I was wrong. He immediately started in on a lecture about lying and how keeping things like that from him was not allowed. The waterworks for me began and I started to realize what I had done. 

Although this is not something James does frequently, he made me get on my knees and look down at the ground. He asked me if I knew why I was going to be punished and at that point I knew the only response was "yes, sir." He said "good" and walked down stairs. I wasn't about to move. 

When he came back up he had the wooden spoon. He grabbed my arm, sat down on the ottoman and went to town. I was already crying when he started so it didn't take me very long to start sobbing. It started with me apologizing, then I started hiccuping for him to please stop, then it went back to "i'm so sorry," and finally I just was silent until he stopped. 

He let me lay there for a bit and compose myself and then said something along the lines of "I don't think you really felt this like you should have considering you are on painkillers. When is your dentist appointment tomorrow?"

"3:00," I replied.

"Just to be sure this message sinks in, I am going to take a late lunch and meet your here at home at 2:00 right before your dentist appointment where we will have a repeat of tonight's events. The pain from your cavity will be the least of your worries when you're sitting in that doctor's chair tomorrow. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir" I said trying to choke back more tears. 

I woke up the next morning sore from the previous night's spanking. But, being a man of his word, sure enough, at 2:00 the next afternoon he spanked my already sore behind with as much gusto as the night before. Too bad the dentist couldn't give me a shot to numb my ass. 

So... what do you think? Do I deserve to be punished for keeping this blog as a secret? It does worry me a bit that eventually he is going to read this and eventually he is going to form an opinion. For now, i'm going to live on the edge! 


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