Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shopping Spree... More like Shopping Spank

I love to shop! 

I am sure most women can relate. Interestingly, I have heard this desire related back to hunter-gatherer instincts. It really does make sense. Women have the urge to gather things= women go shopping.  Unfortunately, my husband is not impressed by my gathering skills and I am usually the one who ends up hunted. 

Before we were married, James and I went through our finances and created a "budget." Considering the fact that I am not very detail oriented, relinquishing myself of this responsibility appeared burden-proof. It did not take me very long to figure out, however, that financial micro-management resulted in the burden falling on my ass. 

At first our new system was great! Forgetting to pay my bills on time no longer was an issue. Clipping coupons became a new hobby. Watching the numbers in my savings account increase at a faster rate than ever before got me pumped. But, as the story goes, my high came crashing down. Thank you Bloomingdale's Friends and Family Sale. 
On a particularly normal day, my best friend, Britney, called and wanted to go to the mall. She and I both have a pretty big obsession with the bath and body store Lush. Our normal routine is to go to Lush and then maybe hit up a store or two on the way out. Once we got there, I remembered the huge sale at Bloomingdales and had to check it out. 

Considering summer was just around the corner, there were definitely a few things I needed in order to be prepared. First of all, I needed to stock up on my make-up. Not only did I have 20% off, Bobby Brown was giving away a free gift. -Obvi. Next, I needed some sunglasses and I could not resist the new fold-up Ray-Bans. They are uni-sex, James and I could share! Of course, there was no way I was about to show up at the pool and beach with the same swimsuit and coverup as the year before, cha-ching! Finally, there it was, the purse I had been searching for. A large white leather Coach purse that was large enough to hold my iPad, a style that would never be dated, and it was understated. You really had to look hard to know it was Coach. (James despises clothing and accessories that have the brand name written all over). 

When it was all said and done, I had saved nearly $200. The bad news... I had spent almost $800. As I paid off my credit card at the customer service desk, the butterflies began. In one hour I had blown through my entire monthly shopping budget. Britney was most likely on her last nerve as I blabbered the whole way home about how much money I had saved and how all of my purchases were necessary. In reality, I was practicing my speech for when I broke the news to my husband. Mentally, I was planning to prepare his favorite meal and get dressed up when my phone rang:

"Babe, did you loose your wallet? Someone made an $800 purchase on your debit card."

"How do you know?" 

"I get alerted if there is a purchase over $500... what's going on?" 

"Well... I was planning on showing you when you got home tonight. Britney and I went shopping and..."

"You're not serious. Do you realize how much trouble you are in?"

Trying my hardest to be nonchalant since Britney was sitting right next to me I replied: "Ok, babe! See you tonight." 

"Hold it young lady, I asked you a question..."


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, sir! Love you, bye!" 

Despite the fact that I was beet red, Britney seemed unaware of my fate. 

Once home, I immediately called James back and started explaining myself. He told me to save it and that we would discuss when he got home. I decided to stick to my plan. I showered, got ready, and started cooking dinner. Thinking that it would help my case if he were able to visualize how much I had actually saved I displayed all of my purchase on the couch in our office. 

Upon his arrival, James kissed me and headed to the office to drop off his brief case. I followed timidly preparing for my presentation. 

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?" He asked somewhat condescendingly as he browsed my collection.

"You see, there was a promotion going on where everything was 20% off and since summer is approaching there were a few things that I needed and this purse- it's gorgeous and will last me forever and I even bought you something- look at these cool Ray-Bans, they fold up!" 

He actually seemed somewhat impressed by the glasses and I couldn't help but notice a smile as he listened to my exasperated explanation. 

"I must admit, you have good taste." 

"Thank you very much!"

"You know that this was completely unacceptable. I am not ok with you making such large purchases without discussing it with me first. You should have picked up your phone and asked my permission and you will from now on. Understood? 

"Yes, sir."

"If something like this happens again, you will be returning all of  your purchases and you will lose your shopping budget for the next month. The only shopping you will do is at the grocery. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good girl. Now go get your hairbrush."

"Oh, please... I know I messed up, please don't use that thing..." I begged. 


Slowly I headed towards the bathroom only to be hurried along by an extremely hard spank. 

When I returned, he made me put on my new bikini. He wanted me to remember the spanking that was about to come every time I put it on. (He got his wish- I do). 

He started off with his hand but it didn't take long for the stinging to begin. I knew there was a lot to come considering he hadn't even started in with the hairbrush so I did everything I could not to squirm or protest. When I was on the brink of tears he picked up the hairbrush and went to town.

"From now on there will be no un-permitted shopping-sprees." SPANK ATTACK

"I'm sorrrrrrrrrry!!!" 

"I don't care who you are with you will call me and if I say no, there will be no arguments." SPANK ATTACK

"Yes, sir! I will call... please stop!"

At this point the tears were flowing and I was starting to do the uncontrollable hand block, which was quickly intercepted as my hands were trapped behind my back. 

"Next time Britney asks you to go shopping you are going to wear your butt plug as a reminder to behave." (He actually followed through on this one- not fun) SPANK ATTACK 


"Understood, Katherine?"

"Yes, sir" I barely choked out through my sobs.

He gave me the ceremonial final spanks to my sit spot and I was certain I wouldn't sit for quite sometime. 

He held me on his lap and stroked my hair as I settled down. Once my tears had stopped and my breathing was back to normal he instructed me to get in the kitchen and finish dinner because he was starved.

As I reached for the clothes that I had picked out especially for him, he looked at me and said:

"Since you needed that bikini so bad, you get to wear it for the rest of the night. Now go." 

Typically, he gave me a motivational get going spank as I went on my way. 

Once dinner was prepared I decided to set us up to eat at the island since our stools have nice soft cushions. James saw right through my plan, however, and moved our plates to the dining table which is surrounded by antique caned chairs. I refer to them as the torture chairs. Just to insure that I "felt it" he gave me a little warm up before we sat down. 

The Torture Chairs look like this

All throughout dinner I squirmed as I sat there feeling stupid in my bikini. He did make it a bit better by complimenting me on my choice and remarking how sexy I was. 

We cleaned up dinner together and then he told me it was time for bed. I was a little annoyed because it was only 7:30 but knew better than to argue. Luckily, he came upstairs with me and we made love. I asked permission to shower before getting into bed and he approved as he headed downstairs to do some work. 

I went to bed that night feeling pretty good! In the past, a shopping spree of that caliber would have left me broke, stressed, and feeling guilty. That night I felt safe. I knew that my husband was going to take care of me and I knew that I didn't want it any other way. 

The next day James came home with a present for me... a small wooden hairbrush. He informed me that the hairbrush was to have a permanent home in my new purse. When I rolled my eyes, he decided to give it a quick trial run. It certainly gets the job done. Luckily for me, he hasn't had to use it since. Nevertheless, it stays in its home. :)


Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Puppy, Teddy

I couldn't resist sharing a picture of our baby, Teddy. He is a cockapoo and he is amazing. 

When I Feel Most Submissive

Like most women, my emotions reflect my monthly cycle. Personally, I feel most submissive the first week or two after my period. It seems like right after I ovulate I become sassy, independent and distant. Evolutionarily it makes sense. After all, I am only fertile during those first two weeks. The third and fourth week usually suck. Third week the mood swings ensue. Fourth week my period begins and i'm usually in pain from cramps and feeling gross from bloating. 

Now in no means do expect James to be lenient with me during these mood shifts. He already is as understanding as possible. None-the-less, I am certain that if I were to do a statistical study on the amount of spankings I receive on a monthly basis, there would be a large spike every time that third week rolled around. 

I am not sure if being aware of these trends is useful or not. Either way, I am so thankful that James is my rock and my safety belt on the emotional roller-coaster of my life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forgotten Wedding Rings = Spanking

We were out to dinner on a typical Tuesday night.  What we had planned on being a quick bite to eat was shortly turning in to an evening on the town.

James had decided it would be a good idea to try to new mexican restaurant in town. I was not in the mood. I knew that the place was sure to be crowded and that we would have to wait to be seated.  I also realized the chances of us knowing half of the people in the restaurant were pretty much inevitable considering it was the new joint in our small town. Deciding it was a good idea to keep my frustrations to myself, I followed his lead.

Sure enough, we didn't even make it to the hostess table before James was greeted by one of his high school buddy's dad. Before we had even checked in they were discussing the great catch James made senior year to win the state semi-final. I tried my best to keep a smile on my face and act enthusiastic as I listened to this story for about the 100th time. It definitely would have made sense for me to excuse myself to check us in as the two of them reminisced, however, James is pretty insistent about being the one to do so.  When they finally commenced, James gave me a quick smooch and a tap on to bottom as if to congratulate me for my patience. I was proud of myself.

Fifteen minutes later we had finally made it over to check in and were waiting for a table when I realized I didn't have my wedding rings on. Never missing a beat, James immediately asked me what was up. I confessed and explained that I had taken them off the night before because my fingers were a little swollen. PMS- ugh. He was very displeased as he expects me to wear them at all times. He sensually grabbed my head, pulled me closer and whispered in my ear:

"Not acceptable. You know you are getting spanked when we get home."

I tried to play it off as if he were whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I had already recognized several people throughout the restaurant and knew they were probably watching to see how things were progressing in newlywed paradise. But, ARRRGH, I was so annoyed.

Just to drive the point home he asked me aloud "do you understand?"

Quietly I responded "Yes, sir" and prayed that he would leave it at that. He did.

When we were seated he immediately order two margaritas. Quickly my eyes met his with hesitation. Really? I just wanted to get something to eat and get home to finish some chores and watch my favorite TV show, which was now going to be replaced with a spanking. I decided to keep my mouth shut and accept his decision. After all, maybe it would take the edge off of this mood I was in.

Dinner was delicious and we were having a good time when the waiter brought over two shots of patron and pointed to a couple sitting at the bar. There sat one of my coworkers and her husband with wicked grins on their face. It was Tuesday night after all. Graciously, we took the shots and gave them a signal that we would be over in a second. James settled up with the waiter and we headed over.

Per usual, my coworker and I started in chatting about work and the guys decided to order a scotch. I seriously don't understand this- why do men feel like they need to drink scotch? Especially at a Mexican restaurant.  Anyway, us girls started raising our voice as the conversation turned towards a girl at work who never pulls her weight. As I was getting ready to continue on I looked over and realized James was listening in. In hindsight, we were gossiping and there were a few unkind words spoken on both our ends, but i'm sure most people can relate to what we were discussing. I was thankful when James redirected the conversation, although I realized the damage had already been done.

Shortly after, James informed our friends that we would be heading home. The butterflies began. I knew I was in trouble, I just wasn't sure how much. He held my hand and sporadically sang along to the classic rock station. Laughing as he comically recapped the events of the evening, I realized that my mood had shifted. I no longer resented him for dragging me out on a Tuesday night, I was thankful that my husband  was fun-loving, easy-going, and had great taste in food.

Making it home without him mentioning a word about my impending punishment had me hopeful. Maybe had had forgotten? When we walked in the door he pulled me in for a kiss and caressed my back. Loving he looked at me and said:

"Baby, i'm so proud of your behavior tonight. I could tell you were not really in the mood to go out from the start but you put on a happy face and followed my lead. It was so sexy how obedient you were tonight. I love you so much."

The tear on my eye was held back as our sexual chemistry exploded. We didn't even make it to the bedroom.

Afterward I told James that I wanted to take a shower, switch the laundry and head to bed. Just as I was about to head off to my errands he grabbed my hand and said:

"Not so fast. There is one other thing we have to take care of tonight."

Knowing he was referring to the spanking he had promised me at the restaurant earlier that night, I flashed a quick smile, fluttered my eyelashes and replied:

"Awww, do we have to?"

"You know it" he said some-what humorously "just get over my lap."

With a short sigh I obeyed. Why tarnish the golden report I had already received for the night.

Ceremoniously he inquired if I knew why I was being punished.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

Despite the fact I knew he expected more details, I couldn't bring myself to spell out my misdeeds. This is something I always struggle with.

"And those reasons are?" he asked.

Reasons? I thought to myself. Then I remembered the gossiping at the restaurant. I sheepishly responded:

"because I forgot to wear my wedding rings and because I was gossiping at the restaurant.... sir."

"Good girl," he replied and he started in.

Most the time James will start slow and gradually build up. I am thankful for these warm-ups. I really do feel like they help.

From the start of my punishment I knew I had disobeyed. This awareness usually helps me accept that I am getting what I deserve. Unfortunately, it doesn't help the pain.

About 2 minutes into it, his spanks were picking up and I was having to tell myself to lay still while listening and responding to his ongoing lecture with yes sirs and no sirs.

James always makes sure to drive the message home by focusing all of his attention on my sit-spots towards the end. This creates somewhat of a conundrum for me. A part of me is relieved because I know that the spanking is reaching its end. Another part of me panics because I realize this is by far the most painful part of my spanking.

Thankfully, I made it through this spanking without him using any implements.  I was contrite and felt as though I had learned my lesson, which he made me confirm vocally.

James pulled me up, had me sit on his lap and kissed my forehead. My goodness I love my husband. He then proceeded to send me on my way to shower, making sure to get one last spank in as I scurried off.

We ended the night with more sexy time before drifting off to dreamland. Luckily for me, my dreams already came true.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Public Spanks

I am always intrigued when I see couples where the man frequently spanks and gropes his girl's ass. The other night James and I were at a Coldplay concert (fantastic show) and the man in front of us was pretty much keeping the beat to the music and clapping at the end of each song on his lady friend's butt throughout the entire show.  I was throughly entertained and a little turned on. When it comes down to it, however, I am sure I would be pretty embarrassed if I were in her shoes.

James uses a nice level of discretion when it comes to public spanks. He'll give me some inconspicuous love taps when we are out and about, which usually makes me blush. Sometimes if I get sassy he'll look around and make sure no one is watching and give me a couple harder warning spanks. 

Once he did the warning spank thing in front of a couple of his guy friends. I was so embarrassed, but contrite none-the-less. One of his friends was like "awesome man." Since then, James feels impelled to smack my ass when we are in his presence. I am usually embarrassed and try to avoid eye contact with his friend for a couple minutes after it happens but I also am usually pretty turned on. 

How do you feel when your man spanks you or gropes your butt in public? What do you think Angelina thinks? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Currently my husband, James, does not know about this blog. He is away with some of his friends. I have thought about starting this blog for quite some time but never shared that with him. Only time will tell if he will punish me when he finds out.  As of now this blog is a don't ask, don't tell project. 

As a submissive wife, hypothetically, I feel as though it is my duty to ask his permission to undertake a project such as this. Unfortunately my urge to be independent often overrides this filter. 

I know James will support me and, most likely, be proud of what I create. As long as he does not feel that I am endangering myself or being deceptive he will be understanding.

One of my worst punishments from him did come from keeping a secret. 

Early on in our engagement I went to the dentist for a routine exam. He found a cavity. I had to wait a couple of days to have it filled so in the meantime he gave me a prescription for painkillers. 

I went to the pharmacy, had the prescription filled and came home. Although I wasn't in very much pain I decided to take a couple. When James came home from work, he found me laying on the couch watching TV. He immediately knew something was up and kept asking me "what's wrong?" "You're acting kinda funny. "Are you sick?" I am not sure why, but I kept telling him nothing was wrong, I was just tired. 

The next day I couldn't help but notice that spot in my tooth where the doctor found the cavity. I kept thinking about it all day at work and decided I would take a couple more painkillers when I got home. So I did and just like the night before James came home to a lazy, lethargic finance. Once again, he asked me what was wrong and once again, I acted dumb. 

Well, I was dumb! I had left the bottle of painkillers out on the bathroom counter. All of the sudden I heard James yell "Katherine, you are in so much trouble!" My hear sank and I knew immediately what I had done. Groggily I ran up the stairs and tried to come up with an explanation. For some reason I thought he would feel sorry for me that I had a cavity and my punishment wouldn't be so harsh. I was wrong. He immediately started in on a lecture about lying and how keeping things like that from him was not allowed. The waterworks for me began and I started to realize what I had done. 

Although this is not something James does frequently, he made me get on my knees and look down at the ground. He asked me if I knew why I was going to be punished and at that point I knew the only response was "yes, sir." He said "good" and walked down stairs. I wasn't about to move. 

When he came back up he had the wooden spoon. He grabbed my arm, sat down on the ottoman and went to town. I was already crying when he started so it didn't take me very long to start sobbing. It started with me apologizing, then I started hiccuping for him to please stop, then it went back to "i'm so sorry," and finally I just was silent until he stopped. 

He let me lay there for a bit and compose myself and then said something along the lines of "I don't think you really felt this like you should have considering you are on painkillers. When is your dentist appointment tomorrow?"

"3:00," I replied.

"Just to be sure this message sinks in, I am going to take a late lunch and meet your here at home at 2:00 right before your dentist appointment where we will have a repeat of tonight's events. The pain from your cavity will be the least of your worries when you're sitting in that doctor's chair tomorrow. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir" I said trying to choke back more tears. 

I woke up the next morning sore from the previous night's spanking. But, being a man of his word, sure enough, at 2:00 the next afternoon he spanked my already sore behind with as much gusto as the night before. Too bad the dentist couldn't give me a shot to numb my ass. 

So... what do you think? Do I deserve to be punished for keeping this blog as a secret? It does worry me a bit that eventually he is going to read this and eventually he is going to form an opinion. For now, i'm going to live on the edge! 


Thank you, 50 Shades of Grey!

I've noticed a lot of 50 Shades of Grey haters out there in the spanko world. Just wanted to send a quick shout out to E.L. James: thank you for bringing spanking to the mainstream. This blog would, most likely, not be in existence if it weren't for your novels. You have taken a huge burden of shame off of my shoulders. I am proud and excited to share my stories with the world. Whoop whoop!

Click Here to Start Reading these Sextastic Novels!

How are you spanked?

Spankos come in all different flavors. I've shared a bit about myself, how about you? How are you or how would you like to be spanked? 

Submissive Beginnings

So here's how it goes. Pretty similar to many accounts from spankos like myself. I cannot remember a time when spanking did not fascinate me. As a child I used to come up with elaborate plots about ways in which I was disciplined. I used to look the word "spanking" up in the dictionary. Anytime anyone told stories of when they were spanked by there parents I listened intently with burning cheeks (not bottom ones yet). 

Around my senior year in high school I started discovering different websites that had spanking stories or short video clips. I was hooked! All throughout college I surfed the net and discovered more about my sexual desires. It was awesome. 

Senior year in college I met a man named Mark from a spanking website.  He was a graduate student at a neighboring school. Although I was pretty nervous about meeting up with a stranger from the internet, I did it, and we pretty much hit it off. We spent a couple of years dating, spanking, and more! I learned so much about who I was and what I desired during those years. 

Mark and I went our separate ways after his graduation. Looking back I view our relationship as a stepping stone. I never really had those typical fantasies of how we would get married, have kids, grow old. He was my mentor. He introduced me into the spanking world and did a fantastic job. He will always have a special place in my heart. 

Through those experiences, I had pretty much figured out what turned me on (I may add to this list later):
  • Spanking
  • Scolding 
  • Butt Plugs
  • Replying "Yes, Sir"
  • Being called a "Good Girl"
  • Having to sit on a hard char when sore
  • Being sore 
With all of those things in mind, I lived my life. Working, dating and partying. My social life pretty much got in the way of any potential web-suitors. 

Just around the time I started finding my way as an adult, in walked James. He was handsome, smart and well off. From the moment I met him he gave me a look that made me blush. On our first date I teased him and he said to me "do you need a spanking?" I giggled and turned bright red. I knew he was the one


Hello, all! I'm Kate. I'm 26, married, and submissive. My husband punishes me when I am out of line. We practice domestic discipline. I am hoping for this blog to incorporate real aspects of our marriage along with some steamy stories! Please stay-tuned!