Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Husband, welcome to my blog... oopsies!

My husband discovered my blog. Excellent news- he approves. Lousy news- he did NOT approve of me keeping it from him. 

The hiatus is blogging was a result of him grounding me from doing so until he stated otherwise. It has been a long time but, i'm back! 

This miniature fiasco I found myself in all began when I forgot to delete my browsing history after my previous blog post. James had noticed I was spending a lot of time using my laptop and was curious as to what I was up to. When I jetted off to the grocery store he decided it would be a terrific time for him to see for himself. 

When I trekked in the house with my hands full, I spotted James sitting on the couch intently staring at my computer screen. He almost had a smirk on his face. I dropped the groceries on the kitchen floor and darted over exclaiming that I needed to check the bank account after the grocery purchase. My gut, however, new he had found sassy submissive. 

Besides the grounding from my blog, several spankings accompanied his discovery. One severe and the others were a bit on a lighter note. I may share some details later on. 

I am finally permitted to be active again on this blog. Whoo hoo! All of my post have to be approved by James and he made it clear that I can only tend to this is my free time once all of my chores are complete. 

I am excited to share some stories as to what has been going on the past couple of months. 

Hope everyone in the DD world is enjoying spring!