Saturday, September 15, 2012

Alcohol and Domestic Discipline

James and I are social butterflies. Our weekends usually always include at least one night of partying with our friends in the city. Combining partying and domestic discipline usually equates to trouble. 

Hypothetically, James and I do not even like to drink all that much. It would be a rare occasion for us to have more than a glass of wine on a weeknight. You can call it cliche, but most of the time alcohol only becomes a problem when we are peer pressured by our friends to take shots or play a drinking game. Luckily, since we have been married, saying no seems to be easier as our friends usually joke and saying we're the "old married couple" now. They also seem to have a better understanding that James makes the final decisions. 

I definitely have a limit. James likes to call it my point of no return. After a couple of drinks, when I have been feeling tipsy for a good while, the party girl within is released. Party-girl Kate is quite different than everyday Kate and our friends love her! James, on the other hand, knows that when she comes out he is going to have his hands full. 

When I reach my point of no return, the behaviors that usually end up getting me in trouble are:

1. Sassy/loud mouth. After a couple of drinks, I often times feel compelled to share my political opinions with anyone who will listen. I also often times feel the need to talk back any time James gives me an instruction.
2. Frisky and extra touchy-feely actions. In general we are a hands on couple, alcohol usually entices me to take it to the next level. One time I even tried to give him a hand job under the table. 
3. Sexy dance moves. I often times feel like it is my duty to shake my booty when one of my favorite songs come on. I'll either end up begging James to dance with me, or i'll dance with my girlfriends and come up with moves that only belong in rap videos.  
4. The urge to keep going. This usually takes me from tipsy to drunk. It also has been the catalyst for me staying out way past my curfew when I am out with the girls. 
5. Hangover. Lately it feels like anytime I drink I am hungover. Everyone says it's become i'm getting old. Well- it sucks! I hate hangovers and James rarely gets them. After a night on the town he can wake up feeling normal and I will spend the entire day craving junk food and have absolutely no motivation. Needless to say, I have often times have an ass ache to accompany my headache. 
Fortunately, or unfortunately, my husband doesn't have a point of no return. He is always in control. Last night when we went out and Party-girl Kate considered making an appearance. Luckily, James fought her off and there was minimal embarrassment. This morning, however, I got spanked for whining too much about my headache and snapping at James to leave me alone when he told me to hurry up when getting ready. 

On nights when he knows we are going to be out really late and that there will be a lot of temptations, he usually gives me a preemptive spanking. He also has made me wear a butt plug before, but that was only when our friends were staying with us and he wasn't able to give me a real spanking. 

What have I learned from all of this? Listen to James when he tells me to slow down- (easier said than done). Also, alcohol and domestic discipline don't mix. 

Have a safe Saturday night, everyone! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spanked for his Pet Peeves

I got spanked tonight. :( 

The reason? Leaving a bag of Cheddar Baked Lays open. James spanked me with the wooden spoon and won't let me watch TV tonight, which means i'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to watch Big Brother (GRRR). It hurt a lot and I am absolutely still in pain. 

From an outsider's perspective, a hard spanking and television grounding seems a little harsh for such a minor infraction. This, however, is one of my husband's biggest pet peeves. He has warned me so many times about this and i'm pretty sure i've even been spanked for it. Needless to say, when he walked into the pantry this afternoon and saw the bag of chips open, my fate was sealed. 

Off of the top of my head, here are some other pet peeves of his that he would consider a spank-able offense:  

1. Switching the headlights from Automatic to On/Off. He insists that they stay on auto. 

2. Not recycling a can or a bottle. (Skinny Girl and Diet Coke- my favs)! 

3. Turning off the TV but forgetting to turn off the cable box. 

4. Placing items on top of our water pitcher in the refrigerator. 

5. Placing the toilet paper on the edge of the bathtub. It always falls in during showers. (My dream bathtub is below- the Kohler Sok). 

Do your husbands/HOH's have any pet peeves that get you into trouble? 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Non-Conspicious Submissive Fashion

By no means do I consider myself a fashionista.  I do, however, have an interest in shopping for clothing and accessories that please my husband and make me feel submissive. 

Here are my top five Non-Conspicuous Submissive Fashion Items:

1. Thigh highs. I have posted a classic pair with a garter belt, as well as my favorites from American Apparel. The thigh highs from American Apparel are pretty much just really long socks and are so comfortable! 


2. Circle Dresses and Skirts. James loves having access with a quick flip of my skirt. When dressing up, I am inspired by Mad Men. On most days, when I am casual, I like skirts from stores like the Gap. 

3. Wrap Bracelets. These are trendy and multi-funcional. It is super easy to turn these bracelets into light restraints. 

4. Braids. James likes for me to have my hair braided so he can pull on it without feeling like he is hurting me. He especially likes to use it when making me look him in the eye. (This is also one of my favorite parts of 50 Shades of Grey). 

5. Jewelry from my Husband. Every time I wear a piece of jewelry James has given me it reminds me that I belong to him. Now that we're married, my wedding rings are the best representation of this. Other pieces he has given me are a strand of pearls and a Karma bracelet. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Implements

James and I do not own a vast array of implements. When it comes time for punishment, he sticks to the wooden spoon, wooden hairbrush, or wooden ruler. On occasion he has given me a few licks with his belt. We both feel there is no reason to have conspicuous implements laying around our home since these average household items most certainly get the job done. I imagine as we mature our collection may as well. For now, we are satisfied. :)