Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Non-Conspicious Submissive Fashion

By no means do I consider myself a fashionista.  I do, however, have an interest in shopping for clothing and accessories that please my husband and make me feel submissive. 

Here are my top five Non-Conspicuous Submissive Fashion Items:

1. Thigh highs. I have posted a classic pair with a garter belt, as well as my favorites from American Apparel. The thigh highs from American Apparel are pretty much just really long socks and are so comfortable! 


2. Circle Dresses and Skirts. James loves having access with a quick flip of my skirt. When dressing up, I am inspired by Mad Men. On most days, when I am casual, I like skirts from stores like the Gap. 

3. Wrap Bracelets. These are trendy and multi-funcional. It is super easy to turn these bracelets into light restraints. 

4. Braids. James likes for me to have my hair braided so he can pull on it without feeling like he is hurting me. He especially likes to use it when making me look him in the eye. (This is also one of my favorite parts of 50 Shades of Grey). 

5. Jewelry from my Husband. Every time I wear a piece of jewelry James has given me it reminds me that I belong to him. Now that we're married, my wedding rings are the best representation of this. Other pieces he has given me are a strand of pearls and a Karma bracelet. 


  1. I feel the same way about skirts and jewelry. I actually enjoy suspender nylons - which don't fall down and don't have the extra garter needs. :)

    Nice post!

    1. I like those as well! I definitely would prefer those to a garter, but James likes the garter look. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Oh, definitely the first two.

    Nice blog, I've related enormously with what you've wrote so far.