Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forgotten Wedding Rings = Spanking

We were out to dinner on a typical Tuesday night.  What we had planned on being a quick bite to eat was shortly turning in to an evening on the town.

James had decided it would be a good idea to try to new mexican restaurant in town. I was not in the mood. I knew that the place was sure to be crowded and that we would have to wait to be seated.  I also realized the chances of us knowing half of the people in the restaurant were pretty much inevitable considering it was the new joint in our small town. Deciding it was a good idea to keep my frustrations to myself, I followed his lead.

Sure enough, we didn't even make it to the hostess table before James was greeted by one of his high school buddy's dad. Before we had even checked in they were discussing the great catch James made senior year to win the state semi-final. I tried my best to keep a smile on my face and act enthusiastic as I listened to this story for about the 100th time. It definitely would have made sense for me to excuse myself to check us in as the two of them reminisced, however, James is pretty insistent about being the one to do so.  When they finally commenced, James gave me a quick smooch and a tap on to bottom as if to congratulate me for my patience. I was proud of myself.

Fifteen minutes later we had finally made it over to check in and were waiting for a table when I realized I didn't have my wedding rings on. Never missing a beat, James immediately asked me what was up. I confessed and explained that I had taken them off the night before because my fingers were a little swollen. PMS- ugh. He was very displeased as he expects me to wear them at all times. He sensually grabbed my head, pulled me closer and whispered in my ear:

"Not acceptable. You know you are getting spanked when we get home."

I tried to play it off as if he were whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I had already recognized several people throughout the restaurant and knew they were probably watching to see how things were progressing in newlywed paradise. But, ARRRGH, I was so annoyed.

Just to drive the point home he asked me aloud "do you understand?"

Quietly I responded "Yes, sir" and prayed that he would leave it at that. He did.

When we were seated he immediately order two margaritas. Quickly my eyes met his with hesitation. Really? I just wanted to get something to eat and get home to finish some chores and watch my favorite TV show, which was now going to be replaced with a spanking. I decided to keep my mouth shut and accept his decision. After all, maybe it would take the edge off of this mood I was in.

Dinner was delicious and we were having a good time when the waiter brought over two shots of patron and pointed to a couple sitting at the bar. There sat one of my coworkers and her husband with wicked grins on their face. It was Tuesday night after all. Graciously, we took the shots and gave them a signal that we would be over in a second. James settled up with the waiter and we headed over.

Per usual, my coworker and I started in chatting about work and the guys decided to order a scotch. I seriously don't understand this- why do men feel like they need to drink scotch? Especially at a Mexican restaurant.  Anyway, us girls started raising our voice as the conversation turned towards a girl at work who never pulls her weight. As I was getting ready to continue on I looked over and realized James was listening in. In hindsight, we were gossiping and there were a few unkind words spoken on both our ends, but i'm sure most people can relate to what we were discussing. I was thankful when James redirected the conversation, although I realized the damage had already been done.

Shortly after, James informed our friends that we would be heading home. The butterflies began. I knew I was in trouble, I just wasn't sure how much. He held my hand and sporadically sang along to the classic rock station. Laughing as he comically recapped the events of the evening, I realized that my mood had shifted. I no longer resented him for dragging me out on a Tuesday night, I was thankful that my husband  was fun-loving, easy-going, and had great taste in food.

Making it home without him mentioning a word about my impending punishment had me hopeful. Maybe had had forgotten? When we walked in the door he pulled me in for a kiss and caressed my back. Loving he looked at me and said:

"Baby, i'm so proud of your behavior tonight. I could tell you were not really in the mood to go out from the start but you put on a happy face and followed my lead. It was so sexy how obedient you were tonight. I love you so much."

The tear on my eye was held back as our sexual chemistry exploded. We didn't even make it to the bedroom.

Afterward I told James that I wanted to take a shower, switch the laundry and head to bed. Just as I was about to head off to my errands he grabbed my hand and said:

"Not so fast. There is one other thing we have to take care of tonight."

Knowing he was referring to the spanking he had promised me at the restaurant earlier that night, I flashed a quick smile, fluttered my eyelashes and replied:

"Awww, do we have to?"

"You know it" he said some-what humorously "just get over my lap."

With a short sigh I obeyed. Why tarnish the golden report I had already received for the night.

Ceremoniously he inquired if I knew why I was being punished.

"Yes, Sir," I replied.

Despite the fact I knew he expected more details, I couldn't bring myself to spell out my misdeeds. This is something I always struggle with.

"And those reasons are?" he asked.

Reasons? I thought to myself. Then I remembered the gossiping at the restaurant. I sheepishly responded:

"because I forgot to wear my wedding rings and because I was gossiping at the restaurant.... sir."

"Good girl," he replied and he started in.

Most the time James will start slow and gradually build up. I am thankful for these warm-ups. I really do feel like they help.

From the start of my punishment I knew I had disobeyed. This awareness usually helps me accept that I am getting what I deserve. Unfortunately, it doesn't help the pain.

About 2 minutes into it, his spanks were picking up and I was having to tell myself to lay still while listening and responding to his ongoing lecture with yes sirs and no sirs.

James always makes sure to drive the message home by focusing all of his attention on my sit-spots towards the end. This creates somewhat of a conundrum for me. A part of me is relieved because I know that the spanking is reaching its end. Another part of me panics because I realize this is by far the most painful part of my spanking.

Thankfully, I made it through this spanking without him using any implements.  I was contrite and felt as though I had learned my lesson, which he made me confirm vocally.

James pulled me up, had me sit on his lap and kissed my forehead. My goodness I love my husband. He then proceeded to send me on my way to shower, making sure to get one last spank in as I scurried off.

We ended the night with more sexy time before drifting off to dreamland. Luckily for me, my dreams already came true.


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