Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hello, all! I'm Kate. I'm 26, married, and submissive. My husband punishes me when I am out of line. We practice domestic discipline. I am hoping for this blog to incorporate real aspects of our marriage along with some steamy stories! Please stay-tuned! 


  1. Hi Kate:) my name is Leah and I'm also 26, and married, newly into DD. Ive really enjoyed reading your posts and many of the blogs I've poured through since starting our journey. I have also pretty much always been turned on by spankings and am pretty submissive naturally. I want to please my husband and honestly until recently I thought I was such a weird and strange woman for feeling that way'! Anyways nice to "meet" you! I'm working on getting some posts up on my blog but having some issues do mine is bare for now.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Leah! Glad to hear about our similarities. Good luck with your blog! I will definitely check it out.